24 Weeks + Pictures

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here's my 24 week picture! I look tired, and bored, but I had just woken up :P

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +15 total. .
Maternity clothes? About 95%
Stretch marks? No new ones!
Sleep: Can't get enough of it.
Best moment this week: Finding out that we're having a boy, and settling on a name: Aidan!
Movement: Several bouts of movement per day, getting more frequent.
Food cravings: It varies so much.
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Being able to do a lot of things in one day without cramping/swelling/aching.
What I am looking forward to: Baby shower, whenever that will be.
Weekly Wisdom: If OJ doesn't wake baby up for the ultrasound, chocolate might. I ate a mini kit kat about 10 mins before and he was moving all over the place!
Milestones: They sat 24 weeks is the viability point, where if he was born now he might have a really slim chance of survival. No thanks, though, I'll keep him in for a while longer!

This is a onesie we bought Aidan. Mike is super handy, so it's adorable!

This is Tigger, one of our cats, all snuggled up in the crib. She's taking offense to the fact that she won't be the baby anymore. :P


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