Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I had to bump up the date of my giveaway date, due to some family things going on. So without further delay, the winner!

Based on 106 entries, the winner chosen by is...

Entry #19, Carla!! I counted each comments entry value (aka a tweet counts as 1 entry) and starting with the first comment went down the list.

Carla, I sent you an email, if you don't respond within 48 hours I will pick another winner.

A Day In The Life..

Our Usual Weekend Time Line:


8:30am - Bottle, then playtime.

9:00am - Independant play time, on mat, jumperoo, etc.

While he's having fun I'm usually gathering laundry up from around the house, & then I eat breakfast.

10:00am - Morning nap

While he naps I get the 1st load of laundry started, and pick up his play area in the living room. Depending on the length of his nap I'll do the dishes, or some other small task.

11:30am - Wake up! Bottle, then playtime.

12:30pm - Lunch time! Applesauce, green beans, squash, or whatever Mommy gives me.

1:00pm - Bath time!

1:30pm - Independant play time.

During this time I clean up from lunch (wipe down the high chair, etc), have my own lunch, switch clothes to dryer, start 2nd load of laundry. I sweep the house, or some other small, quick task.

2:30pm - Bottle!

3:00pm - Nap

This is his longest nap of the day, pretty much always. This affords me time to start thinking about dinner, fold the 1st load of clothes, put in 2nd load to dry, put away 1st load. Take a shower. Feed the cats. Mix up cereal & formula into the Munchkin containers for Mike's mom during the week so she doesn't have to measure it out. If I'm lucky I get to read some, play the Sims 3, catch up on TV, etc.

5:00pm - Wake up! Playtime!

5:30pm - Bottle

7:30pm - Dinner is served.

8:00pm - Bottle, then bed time.

After he's in bed we eat dinner, fold & put away 2nd load of clothes. Watch TV or watch a movie together. And we're in bed by 10pm. Voila, a day in our lives.

During the week it's vastly different (well, on my end) since I'm at work. His schedule stays pretty much the same, with minor variations.

Photo Update

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Due to time constraints tonight here's an update in photos. He noms on his hands constantly.

He drools 24/7.

He visited with his 90 year old great-great-grandmother.

He smiles like a fiend when we get on the floor with him for tummy play time.

& he loves to play (eat) stuffed animals on his playmat.

I'll update more tomorrow when I have more time ;)

19 Weeks

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In honor of Aidan reaching 19 weeks of age I'm going to do a Thankful on Thursday post, review a couple of items that have entered baby-entertainment rotation in our household, and just update in general. :)

First up, Things I'm Thankful For Today:
1) Mike's mother, for watching Aidan for us 2 days a week while Mike works. Without her we wouldn't be able to afford daycare, what with Mike only working 16 hours a week! We are lucky enough because she only works about 20 hours a week, so she's able to watch Aidan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's good for them to bond, and Aidan sure loves his grandma. It breaks my heart that I can't stay home with him, but everyone know how much grandmas love their grandbabies, so I know he's in awesome hands :)

2) Mike, for being the most amazing guy & father, EVER. He will get up at night if I ask (which I usually don't), he plays stay at home daddy 3 days a week, and he isn't scared of a poop or puke covered baby. He will buy me tampons when I'm bleeding, cheesecake when I'm dieting, and then hug me when I cry because I don't want to leave my baby and go back to work. All without a complaint. He cooks dinner for me every night and does more than 50% of the housework on the weekends. He isn't a very verbal man but he knows I work hard to provide for our family so he steps it up and tries to help.

Favorite items of the moment:

1) Baby Einstein Jumperoo (Here): He seems to think this is HIGHLY amusing when I grab his little legs and jump him around. He's starting to get the idea behind it, but still thinks it's funnier when I make him jump ;)

2) Sophie (Here): Pretty obvious, he chews, slobbers, & noms on her quite a bit.

3) Link A Dos (Here): Didn't expect these to be such a huge hit, but he LOVES him. Always has a link of 2-3 in at least 1 hand all day long. Loves to chew them, suck on them, stare at them, swat at them, etc.

4) Fisher Price Rainforest Gym (Here): I thought kids kinda grew out of this thing early, but it seems like the older he gets the more he enjoy it, especially now that we linked up some Link A Dos with some carseat toys, etc.

Aidan is doing well. He's rolling over both ways now. Eating 5+oz every 3 hours or so. His reflux is still there, we tried to taper off his meds and it was puke city. :( So we definitely upped then again, he's obviously not ready yet. He almost always sleeps from 8:30pm-8:30am-ish, with a few variances. He's SUCH a happy baby, loves to laugh and giggle. We finally got some real, true belly laughs the other night. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Every day just keeps getting better!

Whoring Myself

Monday, April 5, 2010

If you have 2 seconds could you please vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs? They just had a reset and I'm in the 700s!! :(


Edit: I went from 768 yesterday to 65 today! Keep voting ladies, for those trying to win the Sophie it's also an entry in that contest! :)

Weeks 17 & 18

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I can't believe how time flies!!

Aidan went through a rough patch for about a week, refusing to nap, crying almost all day, nothing was working! I'm not sure what it was but he's back to normal now. He has now decided he will not sleep anywhere other than our arms or in his crib, and he prefers his crib believe it or not! I have such a big boy, he totally knows his crib is for sleepy time.

He's bumped his bedtime up to closer to 8 now, and he seems to be fine with it. He sleeps from 8 until around 8am usually, with no (or maybe just 1) wake up to eat. I'm loving the solid sleep! He fell off track for a few days and it made me appreciate sleep so much more.

He's currently in his swing pooping, or at least farting. HUGE MANLY farts. Love that boy!

We've been slack on taking pictures lately. We are going to a coworkers daughers birthday party this afternoon so I'm going to take some pictures while we're there.

I've been on a mission to get Aidan out of the house more. During the week when I'm at work he's inside all day because Mike's truck isn't running. So last night I took Aidan on a walk to go see his great grandparents. They are about a quarter mile or so from our house, one way. He LOVED it! We even got to see a horse!

And today our neighbors are having a yard sale so I walked Aidan over and we hung out chitchatting. I bought some childrens books and a couple murder mysteries for me :) Being outside is really good for him. I'm going this afternoon after the birthday party (which is outdoors, bonus!) to get him an outdoor swing we can hang from our magnolia tree out front.

I'll post some pictures later, I'm pretty sure he just pooped. :P

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