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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Usual Weekend Time Line:


8:30am - Bottle, then playtime.

9:00am - Independant play time, on mat, jumperoo, etc.

While he's having fun I'm usually gathering laundry up from around the house, & then I eat breakfast.

10:00am - Morning nap

While he naps I get the 1st load of laundry started, and pick up his play area in the living room. Depending on the length of his nap I'll do the dishes, or some other small task.

11:30am - Wake up! Bottle, then playtime.

12:30pm - Lunch time! Applesauce, green beans, squash, or whatever Mommy gives me.

1:00pm - Bath time!

1:30pm - Independant play time.

During this time I clean up from lunch (wipe down the high chair, etc), have my own lunch, switch clothes to dryer, start 2nd load of laundry. I sweep the house, or some other small, quick task.

2:30pm - Bottle!

3:00pm - Nap

This is his longest nap of the day, pretty much always. This affords me time to start thinking about dinner, fold the 1st load of clothes, put in 2nd load to dry, put away 1st load. Take a shower. Feed the cats. Mix up cereal & formula into the Munchkin containers for Mike's mom during the week so she doesn't have to measure it out. If I'm lucky I get to read some, play the Sims 3, catch up on TV, etc.

5:00pm - Wake up! Playtime!

5:30pm - Bottle

7:30pm - Dinner is served.

8:00pm - Bottle, then bed time.

After he's in bed we eat dinner, fold & put away 2nd load of clothes. Watch TV or watch a movie together. And we're in bed by 10pm. Voila, a day in our lives.

During the week it's vastly different (well, on my end) since I'm at work. His schedule stays pretty much the same, with minor variations.


mommy2chazz on April 24, 2010 at 10:49 AM said...

Sounds like our day... With a lot less getting done on my end! I usually manage a load of dishes and a load of laundry, and if I am lucky, one room gets picked up/lightly cleaned per day.
Way to be organized, momma!

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