My Apologies

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm so sorry for not blogging a lot lately. I'm really trying to work on it. Things just got a bit overwhelming there for a while. We were all sick, work got busy which took it's toll on my moods, and Aidan is teething and starting seperation anxiety (even with me sitting right there, he wants constant attention it seems like!). Time on the computer at home has been limited to say the least.

Oh well, things have smoothed out some so I'm back in the game.

Updates on Aidan:
  • 7.5 months.
  • 2 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth pending (they are visible through the gums but not yet broken through)
  • army crawls like a pro
  • gets on hands and knees and hangs out, rocks back and forth a lot
  • loves to stand now. on the couch holding onto the back, on the floor holding onto the cushion, on our laps holding onto our shoulders, etc
  • loves to jump on people, not so much in his jumperoo. he will happily sit on our laps and kick his legs for an hour, easy, making himself bounce up and down
  • still eats like a champ. 40oz of formula a day plus 2-3 solids a day
  • sleep is still good.. usually 12 hours a night.
  • bedtimes are getting rough though with teething + seperation anxiety. he has a big issue when i lay him down and then leave the room! we're working on it though.
  • he gives big huge belly laughs now when he gets excited. he also FINALLY is starting to take interest in holding his own bottle. I still feed him but afterwards I let him play with it and he can now hold it up on his own and suck.

Adventures In Teething

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh good lord Aidan is teething his top 2 teeth, at the same time. Last night in our house around 6:30pm the world ended.

He was rubbing his eyes, obviously tired. I fed him his bottle at 6:30 to prepare to bedtime at 7. Screaming insued so I laid him down closer to 6:30 than 7. Hysterical screaming. Not good. I'm game with letting him fuss lightly for 5-10 minutes because it will always fall asleep, but this.. this was full on "oh my god I'm dying" screaming. I got him right back up. Bounce, rock, play.. screaming through the whole thing. He looks like he has two peas shoved in his upper gums, they are super painfully swollen.

He wouldn't take a teether, and wouldn't calm down. Motrin, here we come! Gave him a dose and held/bounced/walked around for 30 minutes to let it take effect. Tried to lay him down again. Hysterical screaming.

Got him back up, gave him 2 teething tablets. He calmed down for about, oh, 30 seconds. Hysterical screaming in my arms. Took him outside to walk around, he was quiet outside but still groaning and rubbing his eyes. After about 20 minutes tried to lay him down again. Hysterical screaming. (Are you seeing where this is going yet?)

Got him up again. Rubbed some baby orajel on his top gums. He proceeded to make all sorts of funny faces, and even cracked a smile at one point. But 10 minutes later, hysterical screaming. At this point I will not lie. I was so distraught I had tears in my eyes. My child NEVER behaves this way. I could see in his face how miserable he was and all I wanted was to make him feel better but nothing was working! Poor little butt was clinging to me so tightly I could have let go and he would still be hanging there.

I ended up bounce/swaying in a circle (directly in a circle, like a carosel) for 20 minutes while he nodded off slowly. At this point it was 9. I was shot. He was shot. The cats were so far in hiding I wouldn't be surprised if they were in another country. Mike was sitting on the couch cheering me on giving me updates on if his eyes were closed everytime I turned to where he could see him. After 20 minutes he was asleep... My arms were numb and my back ached. But by God the child was ASLEEP! I laid him down, and he slept through the night. Now I'm praying that those two teeth come through today.

Now some pictures, he's 7.5 months now. Sitting on his own (but he prefers not to). Up on his knees rocking all the time. Army crawling like a pro. LOVES to stand, he is even trying to let go of the couch/chair/hands/etc to try it on his own.. and can do it for a few seconds before falling into a happy, giggly pile. Usually a very happy, smiley baby!


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