Friday, November 27, 2009

1 day old photo taken by the hospital photographer.

Welcome Aidan!

Aidan Michael born 11/26 at 2:08PM after 20 hours on pitocin & 12 minutes of pushing. He is 7lb12oz, 20.5 inches long. 10 fingers, 10 toes, & the absolute best thing to ever happen to me. So worth the diet, the swelling, the wait, the episiotomy, etc. I'll post a birth story soon.

Last Day

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

..before I'm a mom. It's pure insanity.

We slept in until 10am. Got up, and got online. It was weird to not go to work! We hung out and relaxed until lunch time and then we went to Taco Bell and ate lunch. When we got home we stuck Aidan's sheets and bumper in the washer so they are fresh for him, and we've been cleaning some. I got our clothes bag for the hospital packed. I am about to finish cleaning, then take a shower, shave, etc so that I can pack our toiletries. I refuse to spend more time in the hospital without my own shampoo and conditioner. Theirs sucks!!

I am also going to wash our pillow cases, sheets, etc so that we have a clean bed to come home to also. Plus I don't want to take dirty pillows to the hospital with me. LOL.

I really only need to sweep the house, do dishes, and then swiffer mop. And laundry. Then I'm finished for the day.

It also occured to me this morning that I haven't bought a trash can for the nursery yet. And I also haven't bought any pads for when I come home from the hospital. I'm not sure how I've made it this far without thinking of those two items, but I have! So I'm taking off for the store later on to grab a small, cheap trash can and some super sized pads for my post partum bleeding.

Such an exciting last day, hmm? It may not be exciting, but it's keeping me busy so that I'm not freaking out. Which is always a plus. :)

Induction Set

Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and he's -2 station. And this is enough to schedule my induction. YAY! I call labor and delivery tomorrow, and if they have a bed open I go tomorrow. If not, I will definitely go in on Wednesday. I'm so super excited.


Still Here

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm still here, still pregnant. No signs of anything changing.

I just can not bring myself to have as much sex as I should. I am just not in the mood. Once a day is even asking a lot of me, and I have to force it. Blah. The only reason I force once a day is I really believe it might help.

I've been walking, too. Not dedicated walks, but I haven't shyed away from any shopping oppurtunity etc that might give me a chance to walk a lot. All that's done so far is make my feet swell EVEN MORE and my hips feel like they are broken.

I'm okay though. Today was nice. Met up with my friend who's 11 weeks pregnant and we went out to the Chinese buffet and had some yummy food. Then we went to a consignment store and looked at maternity clothes for her, and baby clothes for Aidan.

Now I'm about to go hop in the shower and wash my hair. I'm ready to get today over with so that I'm one day closer to Monday. I'm hoping for some progress so I can have this baby!!

No Baby Yet

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm still here, still pregnant, and quite weepy about it, actually.

I went in for my appt yesterday with my OB. Cervix is still completely closed, really thick, and Aidan is still up high. So no progress whatsoever.

She chose not to induce me this week, just because the risk of a failed induction and/or emergency c-section is way higher when there's no natural labor progression at the start.

Logically I understand and appreciate her desire to avoid chopping me into bits on the surgery table and/or putting Aidan in a stressful situation when my body just isn't prepared for it.

But I still am sad. I was really prepared and excited to meet my son, and knowing I have to wait just plain sucks. I'm in so much pain, and just ready to get the ball rolling.

I went and walked the mall yesterday with my girlfriend. I ate some spicy food. I had some sex.

My OB prescribed sex 3 times a day, and my fiance is actually less up for this than I am. I'm trying my best though to get in on on a regular basis. I'm just so tired of being pregnant!! Oh, nipple stimulation, too. Tried a little of that.

I'm not going to be downing any oils or any weird things, just natural, normal things that aren't going to make me crap my pants and have false labor. :P

I'm sorry I haven't been around on The Bump lately. I miss you girls but I just haven't had time! I've been so tired all the time, and so swollen and sore. My right foot has been so swollen for so long that the top of it literally feels like it's broken. Anytime something touches it I just want to cry because it feels so bruised.

Anyway, enough whining. Other than normal pregnancy aches I'm actually holding up really well. I'm still sleeping well, etc. I'm grateful to have such a big healthy boy, and while I can't wait to meet him I know it isn't going to hurt for him to bake a little bit longer. :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have been feeling pretty under the weather. I've been convinced for over a week now that I'm "getting sick" but the symptoms never go away, and I never actually get sick. My OB seems to think it's just general pregnancy blahs.

I am so exhausted, all. the. time. Coupled with horrible headaches everyday, insane swelling (hands, feet, legs, and face), general aches and bones popping all the time.. it just makes me pretty miserable. I'm so grateful to only have to work 4 hours a day. By the time I get home I'm ready for a nap everyday, literally. And I'm not a napper, I didn't even nap in first trimester!

I'm not even really nervous about having him anymore. I think I've officially hit the "I'm done" point. I know I'm in for a shock of life with a newborn, but dear lord I'm so ready to have this boy and meet him and see why I've been so miserable the past couple weeks. I'm ready to move on and take that next step and actually have a son instead of just being a big whiner all the time.

He's going to be so worth it, I just know it.

Update Again

Monday, November 9, 2009

Went to OB today. Cervix is not even a fingertip dilated. Not thinned at all, and he's still up high.

She said I'm 37 weeks today, so next week will be 38 weeks. Glad to have that situated!

I'm not sad about not seeing any progress, there is an end in sight (induction) whether I'm progressing naturally or not. :)

She said weight is good, sugars are good. No real concerns, just ride out my last full week of being pregnant, because next appt on Monday it will be a matter of days until I have him.

My fasting numbers this past week dropped even more.

92.5 fasting average
89.0 after breakfast average
106.8 after lunch average
106.0 after dinner average

So yay for that. Whatever I'm doing is working, apparently.

Aidan was being stubborn. Dr Murphy was trying to get us a 3D shot of his face, and he got irritated with being pressed on and he put his hand up in front of his face and pushed back against the ultrasound wand. The whole screen was his hand, super detailed fingers and all. It was crazy cute, and even though we didn't get a shot of his face it was adorable to see his little hand like that. :)

38 Weeks

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +23 total
Maternity clothes? About 95%
Stretch marks? My old ones are growing a bit,
Sleep: Still sleeping like the dead.
Best moment this week: The weather getting a bit cooler. Totally not baby related, but awesome!
Movement: Lots of rolling and stretching, not any real big kicks anymore.
Food cravings: Pasta, bread.. pretty much anything I can't have much of. LOL
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks, and random cramping.
Belly Button in or out? Definitely out.
What I miss: Being able to do a lot of things in one day without cramping/swelling/aching.
What I am looking forward to: Being induced in about a week? or 2?
Weekly Wisdom: Don't take things forgranted. Not really baby related, but good advice either way.
Milestones: Being full term, and knowing I'm having a baby in a matter of days.

I'm SO CONFUSED about my due date! LOL. My original date was 11/24. Then 11/30. Then 11/21. I've been using 11/21 for the purpose of this blog, and I'm continuing to do so. My OB was using 11/30 for the longest time, but I'm not so sure now.

Based on 11/21 due date I'm 38 weeks today. Which would mean I'm having a baby within 3-4 days max.

Based on 11/24 due date I'll be 38 weeks on Tuesday. So again, within a matter of days.

Based on 11/30 due date I'll be 38 weeks on 11/16. Which would mean I have 9 days until I'm 38 weeks, and I would be induced at some point during a 7-14 day period.

See why I'm so confused? My last ultrasound where it says "gestational age" they had 37 weeks, and that was taken on 11/02, which would mean I'll be 38 weeks this coming monday.

.... I just confused myself. Definitely going to ask my OB on monday!

Even More Math

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Since last week my averages have dropped even lower.

93.7 Fasting
100.0 After breakfast
109.0 After lunch
112.1 After dinner

This is 6.3 points lower fasting, 5 points lower after breakfast, 9.1 points lower after lunch, and 3.2 points lower after dinner.

I'm so incredibly proud of this. My numbers are perfect, even my fasting number is almost where it should be (under 90).

This means total since my first week I've lowered my fastings 35 points, breakfasts 17 points, lunches 27 points, and dinners 53 points!!

I hate math, but it's kind of fun to see how things average out.

OB Update

Monday, November 2, 2009

Say my OB today. Sugars are still good, so I'm still out of the hospital.

Aidan is still head down, yippee!! His heartbeat was 165, which is a bit higher than usual but he was wide awake and kicking at the ultrasound wand the whole time. We got a really cute picture of his face. He definitely has my nose, and really adorable chubby cheeks.

Induction is still set in my 38th week. It's a floating schedule, and my name is already on the list. Once they have availibility they will call me in to start the induction. So basically I won't know in advance, really, they just call and tell you when to show up. It can be any time that week.

I had my Group B Strep swab taken. That was simple and easy.

I also had my first internal exam. I'm closed up tight, cervix is thick, and still up high. So I'm locked up like Fort Knox. She was hoping all my Braxton Hicks and cramping were getting me somewhere, but no such luck. We might be in for a long induction!

I told my OB about my killer headaches, and how I've had one pretty much constantly since my appt last week. She said my blood pressure is fine, and I'm not spilling proteins, so she isn't worried about pre-eclampsia. I'm very happy to hear that, I've been a bit concerned. She did prescribe me Fioricet, though, to be taken as needed with a maximum of every 6 hours. I don't plan on taking it that frequently, unless my headaches don't go away. I took one about 30 minutes ago right when I got my script filled, and I feel a little drowsy and relaxed. Head still isn't completely clear though. I'm hoping it'll ease off more once I eat something.

Mike is making cheeseburgers for lunch. Words can't describe how excited I am to chow down. I've definitely hit that pregnancy "stuff my face constantly" stage.

And I officially have my first stretch marks! With only 2 weeks to go!! I'm not surprised at all, I had them at puberty, so I figured I'd get them in pregnancy, too. I don't really have any NEW stretch marks, but I did already have some on my stomach and hips from puberty, and those have sort of lengthened themselves. Apparently I'm pretty lucky though because last night the tips of them were all red and weird looking, but this morning they have already faded to look like my stretchmarks from puberty. I don't know how that works, but I'll take faded marks over blood red ones! :P

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