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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm still here, still pregnant, and quite weepy about it, actually.

I went in for my appt yesterday with my OB. Cervix is still completely closed, really thick, and Aidan is still up high. So no progress whatsoever.

She chose not to induce me this week, just because the risk of a failed induction and/or emergency c-section is way higher when there's no natural labor progression at the start.

Logically I understand and appreciate her desire to avoid chopping me into bits on the surgery table and/or putting Aidan in a stressful situation when my body just isn't prepared for it.

But I still am sad. I was really prepared and excited to meet my son, and knowing I have to wait just plain sucks. I'm in so much pain, and just ready to get the ball rolling.

I went and walked the mall yesterday with my girlfriend. I ate some spicy food. I had some sex.

My OB prescribed sex 3 times a day, and my fiance is actually less up for this than I am. I'm trying my best though to get in on on a regular basis. I'm just so tired of being pregnant!! Oh, nipple stimulation, too. Tried a little of that.

I'm not going to be downing any oils or any weird things, just natural, normal things that aren't going to make me crap my pants and have false labor. :P

I'm sorry I haven't been around on The Bump lately. I miss you girls but I just haven't had time! I've been so tired all the time, and so swollen and sore. My right foot has been so swollen for so long that the top of it literally feels like it's broken. Anytime something touches it I just want to cry because it feels so bruised.

Anyway, enough whining. Other than normal pregnancy aches I'm actually holding up really well. I'm still sleeping well, etc. I'm grateful to have such a big healthy boy, and while I can't wait to meet him I know it isn't going to hurt for him to bake a little bit longer. :)


Nicole on November 17, 2009 at 6:33 AM said...

I'm sorry!! But it's definitely for the best. He'll be here really soon!

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