Weeks 9 & 10

Friday, February 5, 2010

There's my super baby. He loves to throw his arms back and pull up his chest and head as high as possible whenever we put him on our chest. He literally looks like Superbaby. Adorable!
I didn't do an update last week. Life has been insane. It's tax season and we do taxes at work aswell as sell insurance, and sell cars. So needless to say it's been crazy even though I don't personally sell cars or do taxes, we're still insanely busy which effects all of us.
Aidan is doing wonderfully. He's easily over 12 lbs now, and still such a happy baby. He's rolling over both directions multiple times a day. He'll get frustrated and kick his legs until he rolls over. I thought it was a fluke but he does it consistantly every day. It's absolutely adorable to watch his face when he rolls ove,r he looks so surprised because his whole world is moving! LOL.
Sleeping is still going well. Getting up once, maybe twice a night. Hoping he'll drop that maybe sometimes second feeding, but at this point I certainly can't complain. He doesn't wake up crying, just fussing and I feed him and he's right back to sleep. It's pretty ideal.
Things over all are just dandy. I grow more and more in love with my son every day. I never understood the depth of a mothers love until now. It's insanely intense, and anytime I think about it I get all misty eyed. Because I'm a hormonal sap like that. :P


Noelle V on February 5, 2010 at 4:43 PM said...

haha so cute! He seems like such a happy baby! Our boys seem to be following the same path! max got his shots today, the poor boy has been crying all day long. He finally passed out at six :(

Katie on February 6, 2010 at 11:30 AM said...

You should get him a cape. Someone on Etsy makes them and they are super cute!! I think she is called Dogwood creations or something like that. What an advanced (and adorable) boy rolling over both ways, he'll be crawling before you know it!!

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