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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I grabbed badges from some of my favorite blogs. I haven't had a chance to surf everyone's blog though. If you have a badge/button on your blog and you'd like to have me link it, let me know! Time constraints make it hard to always do the things I want, like surf every single blog I follow and grab every badge. LOL.

I'm happy to announce that I'm a little sore today. Not as bad as I was expecting, but I can always push myself a little harder tonight and I'm sure I'll be miserable tomorrow. Not that I want to be miserable, but I want to feel like I'm accomplishing something! The level of soreness I have today is good, I can definitely feel muscles I didn't even know I had. :)

Today has gone well eating wise, too. I'm trying to stick to 1300 calories or less each day. So far I'm sitting at 720. (scrambled egg, sausage, cheese, and potatos for breakfast. Smart Ones Lemon Herb Chicken Picatta for lunch).

Over all I feel good today. I feel confident and excited to get home and do the Shred and get it over with. I really hope this motivation continues, because even though I'm below my prepregnancy weight my body is TOTALLY flabby and gross. And I was at a higher weight than I prefer when I got pregnant anyways, so weight loss + toning up is the name of the game.

Le sigh. Sometimes it seems so far way, but one day at a time! :)

Edit: 30DS Day 2 complete. I'm sore & sweaty but I feel awesome!


Katie on February 11, 2010 at 2:10 PM said...

I am so blog-illiterate. I have no idea how to make a badge, much less copy yours to my blog. Teach me?

Anyway, Aidan is so freaking cute. Just love his gummy smile.

Nicole on February 12, 2010 at 5:17 AM said...

Lol Katie you're funny. If you want to put my badge on your blog, just copy the code in the box under my badge. Open up the layout/customization part of your blog (found in your dashboard, where you put in your code for your layout, etc) and either add a html/javascript box and paste my code it in (and then save it) or paste it in an already existing html box. You can drag around the boxes to situate where you want it to be. Then you can collect other people's badges and it's just a different way to link your favorite blogs. I won't be offended if you don't use it. :)

As for making a badge, I just went simple and used MS Paint and copied a section of my blog layout, edited to add text, cropped it to size, and set it up. It's fairly simple, since mine isn't involving images or anything else "cool". I went the easy route. LOL

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