11 Weeks

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can you believe Aidan is 11 weeks already?! (Actually 11.5 as of my writing this). Time is surely flying by and he gets cuter by the day. His personality shines through so much now. He's such a joy. Smiling, eating his puppy dog (which is featured in pictures this week), snuggling his puppy, etc.

He has a new thing now where when he is tired and wants to go to sleep he cries, flips himself over onto his tummy, and promptly passes out. It's been about 4 days now and every single time he wants to sleep he does this. Even at night. I make sure nothing is in his mouth/nose area to comprimise his breathing, and I let him go. He seems to enjoy it, and he'll wake up and roll himself back over when he's done sleeping. He is such a little weirdo. :)

He's still in some 0-3 month clothing, but he's fitting into more and more 3-6 month sleepers and things. He's now in size 2 diapers at night because he pee's through size 1s in the middle of the night (like last night, poor boy was soaked!) He'll be in size 2 diapers full time as soon as I get rid of the huge 66 pack of size 1s we just opened. For now he's fine during the day in 1s, but probably in about a week he'll be in size 2s full time. :)

His sleep is wonderful. He goes down between 9 & 10 and sleeps until around 4am, then eats about 2 ounces (aka just a snack, we're working on breaking it but as long as he needs it I'll get up and give it to him) then is out again until 7, 8, or 9am just depending. It's pretty nice.
We got him a Bumbo chair. He likes it for short periods of time. He loves to look around so he's pretty interested in sitting up. The only time he slouches over in it is if his puppy is nearby, then he'll try to reach for it and fall over (which is shown in one of the pictures lol). We also got him a pair of baby sunglasses. We haven't taken him out in the sun since we got them, but he loves to wear them. Huge goofy grins everytime we put them on him.
He'll be 3 months on the 26th. I really can't believe it.


Katie on February 15, 2010 at 8:44 AM said...

Love the sunglasses, so cute!! He looks like his face has changed a lot already...or is it just me?

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