Week 5

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This week has been good. I can't believe how time is flying. Maybe one day I'll stop saying that ;) Not too much to report this week. Sleep is still good, waking up a maximum of 2 times from 10pm-7am and always eating and going straight back to sleep. He discovered his tongue this week. Now he's always sticking it out, rolling it around, and making tons of cute faces.

His reflux increased a bit this week, and we started putting rice cereal in his bottles per our pedi's suggestion. It has helped a lot with the spitting up. We put just enough to thicken the formula a bit, and it really helps him keep the formula in his tummy where it belongs. I haven't noticed a decrease in frequency of feedings though, which some people thought I would. Oh well!

We put him on his Fisher Price Rainforest activity mat a lot this week, and he's starting to enjoy it a little more now. Before he would just cry to be picked up. He actually stares at the lights now, and keeps quietly entertained for sometimes up to 15 mins at a time! Great for doing dishes, catching up on laundry, etc.
Here he is staring at "the baby in the mirror" on his playmat. That's his favorite activity, staring at himself!
Here he is on his mat again, this time eyeballing the flippy thing (technical, no?) because I was playing with it.

Here he is in his boppy, relaxing as usual during the day.

The beginnings of a smile, it's so hard to catch his smiles with my crappy old ass camera! It takes like 3 seconds to take a picture after I push the button. I demand a (free) upgrade.

This is his poopy face.. for some reason it cracks me up because his head seems misshappen compared to normal!

Ah, the after poop face. So cute!


Noelle V on January 5, 2010 at 4:17 PM said...

too cute! love the poop face! Our guy loves the rainforest gym!

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