6 Week PP Appt at 7 Weeks PP

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So I FINALLY got my 6 wk check up today, at 7 weeks post partum! Either way, I'm all cleared for everything, sex, working out, etc.

I owned up to having sex prior to 6 week, she didn't mind as I'm obviously all healed & we used protection.

I asked about the gestational diabetes for our next baby, she said as soon as I get my positive test I should assume the GD diet IMMEDIATELY. And apparently I should be following a diabetic diet anyway, since I'm considered pre-diabetic now. Le Suck. I will do it though, just because diabetes literally killed my mother (well, uncontrolled diabetes. she loved the sweets & carbs) and obviously I don't want to kill myself.

The topic of birth control came up and I stood my ground and said no to it, like Mike & I have discussed. The last time I took birth control was almost 5 years ago, and it took 4 YEARS off of the pill to get pregnant. 4 YEARS PEOPLE! It obviously screwed with my cycle something serious. My OB understood my concerns, especially since I want to conceive our second child at some point in 2010 she didn't force pills on me. YAY for my doctor! So we're riding the condom train for a couple more months.

I have plans for two under two, which I don't think I've ever talked about here. I want to ditch the condoms around Aidan's 9 month mark (or even as late as his 1st birthday) and see what happens, hopefully leading to another healthy pregnancy since I'm not pumping my body full of hormones in the mean time. I've already started charting my BBT again, to track ovulation whenever that happens. Ovulation can take months to restart after a pregnancy, so we'll see! I want to make sure I'm ovulating or I'll never get pregnant again.

So anyway. Comment away and tell me I'm a big fat dumbass for not getting birth control, or tell me how crazy I am for wanting another so soon, etc. Whatevers. ;)


Nicole on January 16, 2010 at 3:42 PM said...

Glad everything looks good! I just had my 6 wk pp appt as well and got the go ahead for everything. :-)

You're not crazy for not going on BC, I was also considering not going on BC since it really screwed with me before I got pg.

You are a tiny bit crazy for wanting 2 under 2 haha My dh wants that but he needs me on board and I'm just not ready...I'm thinking 2 under 3?

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