Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New blog layout. A friend of mine had the same layout I had before so I opted to find another. Plus I've had the old one for a long time! This one is cute, reminds me of Aidan. He's my little monkey butt. :)

Today's (01/19) meal plan is as follows:
Breakfast: Special K Strawberry bar
Snack: Baked ham sammich with lite mayo
Lunch: McDonald's Grilled chicken Southwest Salad
Dinner: 1/2 Frozen Cheese pizza. Shameful!
Water Intake: ~100oz.

Breakfast: McD's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit ugh.
Lunch: 3 flipping hotdogs and 1 slice of cheese pizza!! Oh, and a McD caramel sundae. We had a promotion going on at work so I kind of ate lunch over the course of the whole work day, resulting in a lot of food. Ick!
Dinner: SALAD.
Water Intake: ~120oz

I'm so ashamed of today! I know it's just one day but WOW, shame!


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