6 Weeks

Friday, January 8, 2010

Here is my precious angel, 6 weeks old and already practicing his innocent "but I didn't do it!" face. It's insane to me that he is really ours, that we get to keep him forever (or at least until he decides he doesn't want to love us anymore. LOL). He's smiling more and more, and becoming a lot more vocal. grunts, groans, and plenty of eh-eh noises. I'm happy he's learning to communicate a little more. He cries less now, and makes more noises to try to convey what he needs. That's appreciated!

Sleep is still going well, only getting up maximum twice per night. In bed by 10pm, pretty consistantly.

We started adding rice cereal to his formula last week to try to help his reflux which was causing massive amounts of spit up. It's helping a ton. I made a bottle yesterday without the rice because I was tired and forgot, and sure enough,horrible spit up! Ugh. Luckily it works, I know some people it doesn't work for.

Anyway, time is flying and I already miss my little boy. :P


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