Week Four

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aidan is 4 weeks old today! With that announcement I have some pictures, and of course updates!

Here is my big boy, eyeballin me and wondering when he gets to eat again. LOL. His hair is starting to get wavy, which isn't surprising since Mike and I both have wavy hair. I think it's absolutely precious! Pardon my face, the flash was really bright, and I had just got home from a 10 hour work day so I was exhausted!

Here's Booboo Butt in his bouncer. He is finally liking the bouncer. Up until this week he would scream within minutes of being put in it, but he's finally learned to appreciate it, and he wiggles around to the music just to make himself bounce. It's so precious to watch.

Aidan's version of a smile. He's getting there! He smiles his little half smile a couple times a day. It doesn't seem to be gas related, but it might be. Either way it melts my heart each and everytime, especially when he smiles at me when I get home from work! It's like he missed me. :)
Another one of us. We both look a little wonky, but it shows off his cute double chin, and mine, too. LOL.

Aidan slept through the night a couple nights in a row so far. The first time was Sunday night, from 11pm-6:30am. Monday night he got up once to eat (but slept 9 hours all together). Tuesday was 8 hours all together, with one feeding in the middle, and Wednesday night was a 6 hour stretch, a feeding, and then another 4 hour stretch.

I can hopefully say this will continue! He's an excellent sleeper. He just lays there and snores his little baby snores, and even when he does wake up to eat he doesn't go straight to screaming, he just wiggles around and grunts enough to wake me up, and I feed him and he goes straight back to sleep.

I'm not even going to lie, even if this whole sleeping well thing is only temporary, we're definitely enjoying the increased sleep. It makes my time with him SO MUCH more enjoyable when I have some sleep.

He is so much more alert now than he was last week. He spends hours at a time awake, just looking around and cooing, and grunting, and being quiet. He isn't a crier unless he needs something. I consider us SO BLESSED. I read about poor babies who cry all the time, and their poor parents and I can't even imagine. I'm thrilled to have such a good baby boy.

He's starting to develop a sense of independence. Sometimes I'll hold him after I feed him and he'll start to fuss. If I lay him down alone he will lay there happily and quietly and eventually fall asleep. Sometimes he wants to be held, but sometimes he just wants to be left alone! Just like me and Mike. LOL.

We had an allergic reaction with him, and it scared the crap out of us! I went to buy formula and decided to try CVS brand soy formula since Enfamil Prosobee is so expensive, and his first feeding with it was around 1am Wednesday morning. He spit up pretty much everything he ate, but he fell asleep so I figured it was reflux related and I let him sleep it off. I went to work as usual Wednesday and Mike called me around 2pm saying Aidan wouldn't eat, and when he did he would spit it all up and then cry for more, wash rinse and repeat. We figured it was formula related, he didn't have a fever. I left work, bought Enfamil, and came home and fed him. Sure enough he ate it all up, then some more, and kept it all down. By last night he had a rash all over his face where he had spit up that CVS formula. Anywhere the formula touched on his face and chest he has broken out in a red bumpy rash. It's slowly getting better today, but it's still there. Poor boy, I can't even imagine how he must of felt on the inside when he ate the formula since he has a rash on the outside. I feel SO GUILTY, but I had no way of knowing he'd be allergic!

So from now on we have a strict Only-Enfamil policy in our house. Every other brand of formula we've tried with him has not gone well for one reason or another. I'd rather spend the money and have a happy, healthy baby!

So it's Christmas Eve and tonight we're going to be with Mike's Dads side of the family. Tomorrow we're going to my grandparents house in the early afternoon, and Mike's Moms later in the afternoon. Busy busy! Aidan has a santa outfit we're dressing him in tomorrow. I'll make sure to take pictures. He's snoozing right now, so I'm going to go hop in the shower while Mike watches him. I hope everyone has a happy holiday!


Brad & Rachel on December 25, 2009 at 10:07 AM said...

Merry Christmas!!

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