The First Week

Monday, December 7, 2009

I can't believe our son is over a week old already! He's doing really well. His cicumcision is healed nicely, and his umbilical cord stump fell off last night at some point because I found it in his sleeper this morning.

Things have been hectic, but wonderful. He is a really good baby. He sleeps a lot during the day, like most newborns. The first week was a little hard because his nightly schedule was being awake (and crying) from around midnight until at least 7am. Luckily into the second week he's started to regulate himself, and he's been sleeping 2-3 and sometimes 4 hour stretches at night, only really waking up to eat. It's really nice to get those 3 hour stretches of sleep. I've been trying to regulate myself to less sleep because I go back to work on Friday and I won't be able to nap! I have been trying to stay up during the days this week, last week I napped every day. LOL.

I am happy to go back to work, even though it's really early. I'm ready to get back into earning money. Sucks that Mike can't find a job, because otherwise I could afford to stay home longer! Stupid job market.

My outside stitches are dissolved, I'm not sure about any internal ones. Obviously I'm not sticking anything up there to find out. Feeling pretty well these days, except for a killer headache today.

I've already lost all of my baby weight, I actually weigh 3 lbs less than when I found out I was pregnant. Not sure how that happened, but I'll take it! So nice to be able to wear prepregnancy clothes again.

Aidan has his 2 week checkup on Wednesday, and I go for my 2 week checkup on Thursday. I hope he's doing well, and myself, too. I can't wait to see how much he weighs, I'm sure he's surpassed his birth weight by now. These two weeks have been a whirlwind.. poor Mike is in for a shock starting Friday. He knows he's staying home with Aidan but I don't think he understands quite what it means to be alone with a newborn all day. He's really good with changing diapers, feedings, etc. I'm not worried about leaving them alone together, but I hope he can handle it. I can't afford daycare with Mike not working right now!

Anyway, I'm going to go change a diaper and love on my son.


Noelle V on December 7, 2009 at 3:29 PM said...

glad to hear he is doing so well! he is adorable!! I can't believe you weigh less already, that's wonderful!!! We had a brutal first night, hopefully tonight will be better!

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