Routines + Holidays

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Routines + holidays don't mix well with us, apparently. We happily had Aidan on a routine (well, as much of a routine as an infant can have!) and he was sleeping through the night easily. Enter the holidays, and all routine was out the window. Also out the window was any hope of him sleeping through the night! We were out all day, therefore he was up most of the day, and out late at night. You'd think he would be more tired, and sleep better, but nope. He was up every 2-3 hours again.

Luckily last night we had no obligations, went home after work, and went right back to our routine. bath, bottle, rocking to sleep. He was out like a light by 10pm, and didn't make one single peep until 6:30am.

Good, good boy. Momma loved the sleep.

I guess our little man thrives on routine, which is nice, because I do too. I get disgruntled easily when my days are skewed by unknown circumstances.

The holidays were good over here in our little world. Get togethers and plenty of gifts, and yummy food. Truthfully I'm just happy they are over. It was stressful with a new baby and not really having tons of money to throw out the window to buy gifts for everyone. The whole family insisted on exchanging gifts so we felt pressured into reciprocating. I feel bad because we didn't really have the extra money, but we did, and they liked their gifts and now it's over. Aidan got lots of things, clothes, a couple toys, diapers, etc. I'll have to take some pictures of the best items.

My favorite, most treasured present (other than my beautiful son) is a necklace that my brother and sister in law bought me. You can see what it looks like there. They had it engraved with "Aidan Michael" on the heart. I definitely teared up and haven't taken it off since. It isn't super expensive or fancy, but it's so precious to me.

I have more pictures to share once I'm at home, and I have his 1 month letter coming later today hopefully. I can't believe he's over 1 month old already!


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