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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things went well. She put me on insulin, 20 units. But I don't know what times. I pick up my prescription tonight, and tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting with my diabetes nurse to set up an insulin schedule.

My OB was very concerned in general, and bumped my appointments up to once a week effective now. She said if my sugars aren't under control in about two weeks I will be forced into hospital bedrest so they can MAKE my blood sugar cooperate.

Not what I wanted to hear. I feel like this whole diabetes things went from 0-60 in about 2 seconds! I knew my numbers weren't good, but I thought some insulin would help that and things would be okay. Then next thing I know it she's mentioning hospital bedrest, and how I will only be pregnant a maximum of 5 more weeks because my placenta is already deteriorating a bit from the diabetes.

What? I mean I know I'm only 6.5 weeks from my due date, but 5 weeks (or sooner!) is really really soon. I guess I'm a bit freaked out.

And I'm really scared of the hospital bed rest, so I'm going to literally try any and everything possible to get everything under control. Which I was before, but I'll keep trying. I can't afford to sit in the hospital on IV insulin just so they can monitor me. I'm the only one of us who works! The bills wouldn't get paid. Not good.

I refuse to think any more about that. It won't come to that, hopefully.


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