Friday, October 9, 2009

Well yesterday I took to heart everything my dietitican reccomended, and I ate something every 2 hours. I didn't miss one single oppurtunity to put something in my mouth. LOL. My sugar was high yesterday morning (as expected, hence the insulin), but my day time numbers were perfect. Once I hit dinner time it jumped to 142 after dinner, but I took my insulin, had my bed time snack, and went to bed.

I woke at 3am to test, just to make sure the insulin hadn't dropped my sugar TOO low, and it was 149. Upon waking it was 141.

I had the same breakfast as yesterday, 1 piece of wheat toast with a dab of peanut butter. I was skeptical, but my nutritionist swears by that breakfast. So, I had it yesterday and my number was fine. I had it this morning, and my number was 141. I almost fell out of my chair. I will admit to shedding a couple tears of frustration.

I had my mid morning snack, and mozzarella string cheese, same as yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers that my number is a little better before lunch. I'm having a grilled chicken sandwhich with lettuce, tomato, and light mayo on wheat bread for lunch.

I went from dealing pretty good with GD to suddenly being really, really freaked out. I was fine until she mentioned hospital bedrest. My bills and my bank account can't afford that and it really has me freaking out. I know insulin takes a couple days to regulate in the body, so I'm hoping in about two days my numbers will decrease a bit.


Noelle V on October 9, 2009 at 9:43 AM said...

Hang in there Nicole, I'm sorry this has been so tough on you. I hope the insulin will regulate itself soon and you won't have to go on bedrest!

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