7 Weeks!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How far along: 7 weeks

How big is baby: a blueberry! 1/2 Inch

Weight gain: 3lb. Not quite as ravenous as last week, and I've been able to go a few hours without eating without feeling like I'm goign to die. Score one for me!

Maternity clothes: For comfort reasons, but not out of neccesity.

Stretch marks: no new ones!

Sleep: great! I love love love to sleep. I have very vivid dreams everynight but it doesn't bother me much.

Best moment this week: knowing I have only 5 days and a few hours until my first ultrasound!

Movement: not yet :)

Cravings: sweet tea & cheese

Gender: feeling boy

Labor signs: happy to say none!

Belly button: in

What i miss: not being moody

What im looking forward to: ultrasound in 5.5 days!

Weekly wisdom: I'm not feeling very wise today

Milestones: another week down with no spotting or anything negative at all happening. Thats all I pray for every night.

This are excellent over here! Feeling good. The bloat is finally going down a bit, and still no nausea. I am feeling very blessed here lately.


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