6 weeks!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

How far along: 6 weeks
How big is baby: a sweet pea!
Weught gain: 3lb. This pregnancy is starting out like aidans.. Ravenous right off the bat! Hoping to slow that down.
Maternity clothes: ive been wearing a few shirts just for comfort, not neccesary yet of course.
Stretch marks: no new ones!
Sleep: still averaging 10 glorious hours a night. Lots of tossing and turning though. My hips are already getting sore at night!
Best moment this week: just turning six weeks, less time until my ultrasound!
Movement: im constantly moving, i have a two year old! Lol. No baby movement yet.
Cravings: sweet tea!
Gender: feeling boy
Labor signs: happy to say none!
Belly button: in
What i miss: nothing
What im looking forward to: ultrasound in 13 days!
Weekly wisdom: cliche, but try to relax. Im pregnant today.
Milestones: another week down with no spotting or anything negative at all happening. Thats all i pray for every night.

Im feeling good! Tired at the end of the day but nothing severe. No nausea. Some heartburn and breast tenderness. Overall im just on cloud 9 pretty much all the time. Feeling very blessed in this household.

Aidan had a pedi appt this morning for a flouride treatment, then mike brought him to my work. He had a blast charming everyone at my work. Love his little self so much!


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