Numero Uno

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So my uterus feels like it's trying to escape my body in the most violent manner. I suppose it's safe to assume I'm not knocked up this month. Sucky. In other news, I have a chef salad sitting here on my desk that Awesome Coworker (here on out known as ACW) so kindly purchased for me for lunch. I'm ready to chow down, but haven't had time yet. Mmm nom nom.

I was blessed this month that my premenstrual time did NOT result in me eating my weight's worth of food daily for a week. Really no changes at all, not even mood wise. The 50mg Clomid may not have induced ovulation as expected, but it sure made my last period really short, and eliminated PMS this time. Not too sure what that is about!

I'm at work grooving to cheesy 80s and 90s music. Awesome.

One Armed Wonder (here on out known as OAW) is kissing my ass lately. I guess she realized that treating me like trash would get her no where but fired and has decided to try to be nice. Good.


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