Hormonal Mood Swings..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ah, hormonal mood swings are awesome! Not really.

Today (this morning, at work) I cried big, fat alligator tears over my love life. I love Mike with all of my heart and soul. We have an awesome relationship. Ever since he's been sober his libido has died. DIED, I TELL YOU. I am missing and mourning the loss of big long make out sessions, and love making. I have been told possibly he's in a depression, or stressed over his sobriety. And I agree. I just wish we could get that level of intimacy back. We are still intimate, but not in the really passionate way we used to be. I haven't brought it up to him much because I don't want him to start drinking again, thinking that will fix the problem. When I have tried to bring it up he says, "sex is overrated". End of conversation.

I'm just frustrated by it all. And being a big ball of menstrual hormones isn't helping things.

Sometimes being a woman is not fun, not fun at all.


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