Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So my ultrasound was today. First she couldn't see anything. Then she said it was a girl since there were no boy bits hanging out. Then at the end she said it's a boy, 100%. We even have a picture of what looks like boy parts to me. I am so thrilled to have a boy. Mike is very skeptical and will not be pleased until it is confirmed with our next ultrasound. Heart beat was 138, which points to boy if you believe Old Wive's Tales :P

Luckily, I get to go to Radiology this Friday to have the official big ultrasound, to check the organ growth/placement, heart chambers, etc for any defects. The tech said that they will confirm the sex for us, since there was a bit of confusion.

So for now I am the proud mother of a baby boy, and hopefully nothing changes!
These pictures are 4D images of the head. Baby was facing my back and refused to wake up and turn around. You can see the little ear and hand in the top one, and the head and arm in the second one.

This one up top is the boy part, looks like a weewee to me! And the bottom is the heartrate, 138 bpm. :)


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