Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm so nervous! We have our official ultrasound this morning, I'll be leaving work in about an hour. I'm not worried because I think something's wrong, I'm just nervous because I want a confirmation os the sex!

Work has been a so slow this week. I've spent the majority of my week on The Bump and not doing too much else. My filing is all caught up, myy desk is organized and clean. I used to love slow days, but they are just tedious and boring now.

Oh, and I definitely got my first ticket EVER this morning! For no seat belt! I'm such a slacker :P I chose to not wear it, and now I have to cough up $101 to the court system. LAME but taught me a lesson I guess!

I have such a headache.. why does no one ever tell you about pregnancy headaches and how bad they can be? No matter how often I eat,etc, I still get killer headaches at least once a day.

So in a about 2 hours I'll know if we have an Emily or an Aidan!


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