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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So while we were excited, there's no promise that families would be. We've gone through some personal things the past year, and it isn't always a promise anymore as to how our families view our relationship. Once we saw the heartbeat, and heard it, Mike told his mom. She was elated, which is everything I had hoped. I don't expect everyone to be without doubts, but it's important to me that everyone at least try to be supportive of our decision. This happened, and now we will have a baby. I'm not going to terminate our child to appease my family.

So yes! His family? Check. Excited? Check. My family? Pardon me while I run away. LOL.

So I gathered up my balls and told my family this weekend. They had the usual concerns (Mike getting laid off recently, are we keeping the house clean, am I cleaning the cat litter, etc) but seemed supportive enough. I guess that's really all I can ask for. They didn't yell at me, or berate me in anyway. And that is a big plus as far as I'm concerned.

No one's situation is ever ideal for adding a new child, but our's is fairly stable. I have a career with job stability and decent pay, we own a home, we own our vehicles, etc. We are doing okay for ourselves, and I think we'll be able to do fine for our child as well. It's so hard sometimes to keep my chin up regarding this. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but I just worry about what type of mom I'll be, will Mike actually like having a child, will he leave, could I be a single mom if I had to, etc. There are some scary questions that pop up when you start to realize that being pregnant isn't just a line on a test, it's a BABY. One that will be living with you, and entirely dependant upon you very soon. I have momentary freak outs, but I do okay. :)

I have been feeling surprisingly well considering. I had some pretty bad food aversions at times, but I always manage to find something to eat! I've certainly been eating my fair share. My water retention is amazing, and my ankles swell a little by the end of each day. I get nauseous only when I'm hungry, and as long as I eat I'm fine. I have not thown up at all. I am moody (VERY moody) and tired off and on. Some days I'm fine, some days I'm literally falling asleep at my desk. I wish my mom was alive so I could ask her how her morning sickness was, it would be fun to compare! I'm just happy I'm not sick all the time. I couldn't imagine being sick, tired, moody, AND hormonal. :P


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