11 Weeks, Delayed

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How far along? 11w3d

Total weight gain/loss: up about 6! Pleaseeee be water weight.

Maternity clothes? none, I'm back to being able to wear clothes.

Stretch marks? no new ones

Sleep: not so hot some nights. I get hot, go to the bathroom, im itchy, then I can't fall back asleep. some nights I'm out like a light, just depends.

Best moment this week: telling my family, and getting it out of the way.

Movement: Oh yeah, little arms and legs are a wigglin'. I can't feel it though!

Food cravings: Anything. And everything.

Gender: Since everyone keeps referring to baby as a boy, I've started too as well!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: pooping without pain.

What I am looking forward to: my first OB appt May 20th

Weekly Wisdom: Please try to relax! If you're tired, take a nap!


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