Thursday, September 24, 2009

So of course I can't eat how I used to. I was low carbing when I found out I was pregnant, but quickly abandoned that lifestyle once I got my positive pregnancy test. I am essentially back to low carbing, minus the strict induction stage. My nurse told me to go ahead and eat like normal, until I go to the diabetes place and get a meal plan. But I just can't, now that I know I have GD it seems important to me to try to regulate things as much as possible starting immediately.

For lunch yesterday I had a 6 inch turkey sub on whole wheat bread, with lettuce and tomato. For dinner I had a lean cuisine with grilled chicken and brown rice and veggies. And for breakfast this morning I had an egg omelette with bell peppers, onion, and ham, with a slice of whole wheat toast.

My nurse wanted to know what I was eating, so I called her this morning to report in and she seemed shocked that I'm not only willing to eat this way, but that I actually kind of look forward to it. She said I'm right on track the way I should be to manage my GD.

Not sure why she's surprised, I told her I am very well versed with diabetes, and I used to low carb, so neither is a big challenge for me.

I sound like I'm gloating, but I'm so not. Really what I'm hoping for is once my sugars are under control that I will be able to feel a little bit better, and not have such drastic drops in mood and energy levels throughout the day. Those drops make working really hard, because mid day I get bad headaches, and my whole mood plummets. Which when you work with the public makes things difficult. :P


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